Write here a summary of the issue you're having.


  • Write here whether you're using public WizBot or hosting one yourself.

  • If you are hosting, write down:

    • The bot version (run the command .stats on Discord).

    • Your operating system and its version.

      • If you are on Windows, tell us whether you're using the updater version or the source version.

      • If you are on Linux or OSX, tell us if you're hosting with tmux or pm2 or any other solution for managing processes.

Reproduction Steps

  • Describe, in detail, the steps necessary to consistently reproduce the issue.

  • Preferably write the entire procedure in step-by-step instructions.

Expected Behavior

Write here the behavior you were expecting to get from the bot.

Actual Behavior

Write here the behavior you actually got from the bot.


Include here any relevant screenshot that illustrates the issue you're having or that might help pinpoint the cause of the bug.


Write here anything else you want to say that wasn't covered on the previous topics.

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