Write here a summary of the change(s) you're proposing and why this merge request would be a necessary or a nice addition to the project.

Changes Proposed

Describe, item by item, all changes you'd like to propose. Write them in a list, one proposition per line. For example:

  • Adds DoStuff() method to service X.

  • Changes SomeMethod() on service Y, so it can handle situation Z better.

  • Added a try/catch somewhere, so an exception is not thrown on the console when something happens.

  • Replaced AMethod() by AnotherMethod() in some command for performance reasons.


Elaborate on the major and minor changes you've made to the source code. Try to explain why you've done something in a certain way.


If applicable, send us screenshots of the result of your changes.


Write here additional considerations that weren't covered on the previous topics.

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