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Bot Config

!!! missing "Obsolete" .bce command is removed in newer versions. If you're on version 2.39.0 or later, use [config guide][CONFIG GUIDE]
.bce allows you to conveniently set many of the bot-wide settings that WizBot has, such as what the currency looks like, what people get when they use .help, and so on. Below is a list of all the settings that can be set, with a quick instruction on how to use them, and their default value.


The reward multiplier for correctly guessing a .bf (betflip) bet. Keep in mind you can't change the chance to guess the correct flip. It's always 50%. Default is 1.95 (in other words, if you bet 100 and guess, you will get 195 as a reward)


The reward multiplier for rolling 100 on .br. Default is 10.0


The reward multiplier for rolling 67 or higher on .br. Default is 2.0


The reward multiplier for rolling 91 or higher on .br. Default is 4.0


Toggles whether your bot will group greet/bye messages into a single message every 5 seconds. 1st user who joins will get greeted immediately If more users join within the next 5 seconds, they will be greeted in groups of 5. This will cause %user.mention% and other placeholders to be replaced with multiple users. Keep in mind this might break some of your embeds - for example if you have %user.avatar% in the thumbnail, it will become invalid, as it will resolve to a list of avatars of grouped users.


Either true or false value on whether the currency spawned with .gc command will have a random password associated with it in the top left corner. This helps prevent people who lurk in the chat and just spam .pick to gain flowers. Default is false


A number between 0.0 and 1.0 which represents the chance that a message sent to a channel where .gc is enabled will spawn currency. 0 is 0% and 1.0 is 100%. Default is 0.02. (That's 2% chance)


A number of seconds that the bot is guaranteed not to spawn any flowers again after doing so in a channel where .gc is enabled. This is useful if you have a pretty high chance of the flowers spawning in the channel (for whatever stupid reason) and don't want the chat to be flooded with currency spawn messages. Default is 10


Name of your currency. Mostly people aren't creative with this and just call them "Credit" or "Dollar". You can do better :^) Default is Cherry Blossom


Emoji of your currency. You can use server emojis, though occasionally it will fail to send it correctly on other servers. Default is 🌸


The string which will be sent whenever someone DMs the bot. Supports embeds. How it looks: Default is "Use .h for help"


The strings which will be sent whenever someone types .h. Supports embeds. You can also use {0} placeholder which will be replaced with your bot's client id, and {1} placeholder which will be replaced with your bot's prefix. How it looks: Default is too long to type out (check the screenshot)


The amount of currency which will drop when .gc spawn is triggered. This will be the minimum amount of currency to be spawned if CurrencyDropAmountMax is also specified. Default is 1


Setting this value will make currency generation spawn a random amount of currency between CurrencyDropAmount and CurrencyDropAmountMax, inclusive. Default is 0


The amount of currency awarded to the winner of the trivia game. Default is 0


The amount of XP the user receives when they send a message (which is not too short). Default is 3


This value represents how often the user can receive XP from sending messages. Default is 5


Minimum price the users can pay to claim a waifu with .claim. Default is 50


The multiplier applied to the price of waifu gifts, making them more or less expensive. Default is 1


Users can't start trivia games which have smaller win requirement than specified by this setting. Default is 0


Minimum amount of currency a user can gamble with in a single gamble. Set 0 to disable. Default is 0


Maximum amount of currency a user can gamble with in a single gamble. Set 0 to disable. Default is 0


Hex of the color which will show on the left side of the bot's response when a command succesfully executes. Example: Default is 00e584


Hex of the color which will show on the left side of the bot's response when a command either errors, or you can't perform some action. Example: Default is ee281f


2 values, either 'Simple' or 'Normal'. Normal is the usual amount, and the simple one shows only basic info about the executed commands in the console. Here is a comparison: Default is 'Normal'


The percentage of currency all users will lose every 24 hours. The value goes between 0 and 1.0 (0 being 0% to 1.0 being 100%). This is a useful tool to control the inflation :) Default is 0


Whether the bot will see if there are updates available. The patch notes will be sent to Bot Owner's DM. The bot checks for updates once every 8 hours. There are 3 available values:
  • None: The bot will not check for updates
  • Commit: This is useful for linux self-hosters - the bot will check for any new commit on the WizBot repository.
  • Release: This is useful for windows self-hosters - the bot will check for any new releases published on the WizBot repository. This setting is also useful for linux self-hosters who only want to update when it's pretty safe to do so :)
    Default is Release


You need this only if you have a patreon page, and you've specified the PatreonCampaignId and PatreonAccessToken in credentials.json. This value is the amount of currency the users will get with .clparew for each cent they've pledged. Also make sure your patreon is set to charge upfront, otherwise people will be able to pledge, claim reward and unpledge without getting charged. Default is 1


The average amount of xp added every minute to a user connected to a voice channel. Default is 3


The maximum amount of time, in minutes, a user can earn xp in a voice channel. This exists mainly to clear entries out of Redis. Default is 720